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The Golden Apple and Chanel?

Posted By Kzazzle on May 20, 2011 at 1:23PM


Louis Vuitton "Still on Top"

Posted By Kzazzle on May 20, 2011 at 1:08PM

The List:

Louis Vuitton $19.4B
Hermes, $7.86B
Gucci, $7.449B
Chanel, $6.823B
Cartier, $5.327 B
Rolex, $5.269 B
Hennessy, $4.997 B
Moet & Chandon, $4.570 B
Fendi, $3.422 B
Burberry, no total value listed

LV has placed number one for the last decade as the largest, most profitable brand, with the greatest overall net worth, calculated to be, ready for this, $19.4 Billion. The next highest was a surprise to many – Hermès, with a mere fraction of LV`s worth at $7.86 billion. This is where it got kinda strange and has spawned a lot of commentary from the fashionistas – In third place was Gucci, while Chanel crawled up to fourth, followed by luxury watch mega-name Rolex. Those with loyalties to Chanel (which I`d often count myself among) were surprised to see their favorite fashion house beat out by Gucci and Hermès.

The fact is though that Chanel`s bags are often in an entirely higher price bracket than Gucci and LV, which makes them more of a specialty purchase for a smaller part of the population. That of course doesn’t explain Hermès, whose bags are often the most expensive of all. The Hermès brand apparently had a 41% jump in profit in 2010 which will surely help convince LVMH, who own not only LV but also the 7th and 8th place companies Moet & Hennessey, that it`s time to make their move and buyout Hermès like they`ve been talking about doing for the last couple years.

A nice surprise for me was that Burberry squeezed onto the top ten this year. Ominously missing were Prada and Dior among others.

What do you make of LV`s popularity? Does it reduce the appeal?


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